PLAY! on22 is now UP and RUNNING!

It's been a long long while since we last blogged! Jeez our last blog was some time in Aug 2012, which was what, 10 months ago? *embarrassed*

Anyhow, here I'm having a shot of another blog streak... Honestly, I don't know when the next post is coming. All I can say is, "Don't hold your breath waiting for it". 

I'm just passing to let you know the big GREAT news. That our new-born sister company, focusing on wedding cinematography, is now UP and RUNNING! We named it PLAY! on22 :) We can now shoot you in motion! For your D-Days, or Engagement or Prewedding sessions, you name it.

For PLAY! on22 updates, please click on the PLAY! on22 button on our website. We just lodged our Debut Video, "I Still Love You" up there. Hope you like them. Wait for more!

Keep yourself updated here regularly on our website :) We'll try our best to keep updating it. *Full-Spirited Big Smile!*

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Win the iPad!!!

"How to win the iPad?" has been one of the hottest issues in BRIDES on 22's circle nowadays. So here it is, the answer to the very question. You know where to ask, for further info :)

FIERCE UP, people!!!

Winners will be announced on Facebook and So stay tuned for updates!



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Johan & Yanti's Morning Ceremony

Had a hard time posting this blog. Our photographer Jeff Tan had outdone himself again this time with Johan & Yanti's actual day photos. There were so many great shots I had to force myself to un-load a number of shots to make sure it's not too heavy for you readers to view. 

We had to have 2 blogs just covering this one wedding, just because we don't want to flood your network with too many pictures, not to mention the super lousy connection we have around here.

Splurge in!

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Adeline Salim. Springly Seventeen!

Perhaps one of the most multi-talented seventeens we have in Medan, Adeline, now seventeen plus 2 months (pardon my packed schedule), had a  simply springly sweet seventeen party at Hotel Grand Aston, Medan last April. She was smart (coming from an all-genious-inflicted class), a great musician, and a very humble girl in nature. She even apologized to her friends who got punk'd during the game. First time I ever witnessed such thing. Ha ha.

It was our first time ever carrying "I do"'s flag there. Already, it left such a deep first impression. The staff were very helpful, the whole hotel warm (setting-wise), plus the d'heritage (if I don't misspell), was a must-go place if you are a cool person. I did, so I'm cool :)

Anyways, her mum came to find me one afternoon, having been so well-organized herself, all we had to do was polish some existing resources and bringing them on the plates in a more perfect setting for them. Lucky we had Jeff Tan on duty that day, so we got the pleasure to bring the whole night on plate for you all to devour.

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Justin & Yuni - Naturally in love :)

People who attended the wedding that night would not deny how naturally in love Justin & Yuni were. Their chemistry was shown throughout the whole night.

Acquaintances told us about how they planned to just come for a course or 2 (out of the normal 8 courses there is in Medan), but somehow found themselves voluntarily stayed through the whole night. Watching their love made people so in love and some girl friends of mine who attended that night did actually admit to me how they envied Yuni :)

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Teasers ~ "Sakura, Sakura... Yayoi no sora wa..."

On our previous post, we made a statement on Passion from our vision.

Then we thought, what better way to start our new website, than to share with you all, some teasers from our latest very passionful works, from our recent trip to Japan.

Hopefully, by sharing them, Passion too, can be contagious :)

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BRIDES on 22, kissing the world "Hello"...
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